Friday, March 11, 2005

Bush lied, road rage?

Apparently being an angry democrat will land you jail time these days. According to a Florida news report, a man was arrested for trying to run a woman off the road whose SUV sported a BC’04 sticker.

Alan Winkler told police officers he got upset with the woman, 35-year-old Michelle Fernandez, after she made an obscene hand gesture, Durkin said. Fernandez was taking her 10-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter to a ball field in her Ford Expedition Tuesday when the incident occurred.

"Whatever gestures I made, I made them because I was trying to figure out why he was honking at me and pointing at his sign," Fernandez told the St. Petersburg Times.

Police said Winkler had a sign in his Nissan sedan that read, "Never Forget Bush's Illegal War Murdered Thousands in Iraq." "Maybe he has that sign with him so he's prepared any time he comes up against a Republican," Durkin said.

Having had my own BC’04 sticker and even my Dino Rossi sticker tarnished by the likes of those who become compulsively mad at campaign trunk junk, I am more than glad to see that McGruff the Crime Dog put a stop to this one.


Forrest said...

You guys are tools.

emmylou said...

kind of like the guy who double-parked his hummer outside of starbucks, and proceeded to throw his coffee on the woman who was ticketing him, leaving her with third degree burns. people are crazy, but i am pretty sure he had a bc '04 sticker...what an image. starbucks, hummers, and bush. the new empire. where do i sign up?

Forrest said...

You can't get third degree burns from coffee. It would have to be served at like 40 kelvin or something. Coffee is served at 160 degrees tops. A third degree burns involves charring of the skin. Get it together Emmylou.

emmylou said...

hey easy there. it's called "poetic license". i was writing for effect. you know..aesthetics sensibilities. here's the link---

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