Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

If you haven’t acquired your daily vitriolic diatribe, I recommend you read this senate staffer’s email response to a state senator’s announcement of Washington’s annual Prayer Breakfast.

-----Original Message-----
From: Sen. Joyce Mulliken
Sent: Tuesday, March 29, 2005 8:55 AM
Subject: Your Invited!

This coming Friday, April 1 is the annual Governor's Prayer Breakfast. Please come and enjoy the inspirational music, speakers from our Legislature...*

In your Service,
Senator Joyce Mulliken
13th Legislative District

*Irrelevant details have been omitted

-----Original Message-----
From: Keller, Barbara
Sent: Tuesday, March 29, 2005 9:20 AM
Subject: RE: Your Invited!

Actually, I am not invited.

As an atheist - the only belief system that relies on science not mythology to explain the natural world - I continue to be appalled that, more than 200 years after the signing of the Constitution, even our legislators do not understand the concept of separation of Church and State.

While this breakfast and all the "fellowship" meetings may technically meet the requirements of the law, they are totally out of keeping with the spirit of our Constitution.

Throughout my employment here I, and others, have felt oppressed by this inundation of emails and events and its apparent endorsement by the State government of one particular religious belief system. I simply can no longer sit quietly by while those in charge of ensuring others' rights tread on mine.

Barbara A. Keller
Aide to Senator Adam Kline

It is ironic that Ms. Keller has asserted that her rights were violated. Surely she cannot mean her moral rights; to her those do not exist – you’d need God for that. So she must really mean that it is her legal rights that were violated….but wait, the email and the event itself “technically meet the requirements of the law”!

In any event, I recommend Ms. Keller seek the 9th Circuit on this, I hear they do wonders with religious oppression


Forrest said...

Haaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! That is glorious. She can no longer sit quietly by. Oh how I feel for her and her poor ignorance. Even modern science has increasingly abandoned the notion of a Godless universe simply because its foolishness. I wonder if Adam Kline approves of her saying who she works for. That definitely satisfied my daily intake of vitriolic nonesense.

Anonymous said...

How like a theist to delude themselves that "science has increasingly abandoned the notion of a godless universe...." You obviously know nothing of science, you only know mysticism.

You're an ignoramus. Get thee an education.

Anonymous said...

But if she'd been offended because she was Jewish, or Buddhist, that would have been okay?

Kyle said...

I wonder if anyone would complain if the Senators email invitation read:

This coming Friday is the annual Governor's Science Breakfast. Please come and enjoy the enlightened discussion of evolution, and the origin of the species. Guest speakers will discuss the central role of evolution...

I would be willing to wager that the possible political fallout of a the science breakfast would be too great for such a meeting to even be considered, yet when one Atheist complains about a prayer breakfast, she is attacked, in public, by name.

This is nothing more than anti-atheist bigotry.

Anonymous said...

Obviously she does not need a god to live down to your level of morality. If to you being Christian means being an uneducated bigot running around publicly disrespecting people then you can keep your religion. I recommend that you study ethics; you will find that many great philosophers in the field of ethics are atheists. Ethics can also teach you about moral rights and respect.