Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Larry David drives a Prius, so should you

I realized on my way to work this morning that I have never heard of or seen a Toyota Prius before I moved to Olympia. Here at the state capital, those cars are all over. Even state agencies buy them for fleet vehicles.

I have no problem with hybrid vehicles. They are energy efficient, and economically sound. They are even making them up to standards with normal cars. A colleague blogged a while back (
here) about the 2005 Honda Accord Hybrid. It has just as much power as its all gasoline sibling.

But when did the car you drive become a political statement? Hmph. Superfluous.


Anonymous said...
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Matt Cole said...

Anon comments will not be tolerated. If you have something lewd to say, put a name to it.

Doxxiegirl said...

Oh great cranky we wont know what Anon had to say! ( :

Hey, Stonewall...I totally agree with you. I pull my polluting and non eco friendly...but totally Hot car into its parking spot, which is placed between a Prius and a hybrid honda..every morning.

Do I feel guilty about driving a, not really. Would I possibly consider purchasing a hybrid...not at the moment. I care more about the way my car looks and less about the way it is treating the environment. Stonewall..I know you agree..I have seen that Nissan you drool over and there is nothing eco friendly about that bad boy!

What I dont get is why people have to make political statements with their cars OR their bumper about making statements by voting...or by educating yourself on the issues..not just believing what the news says.

I cant stand people that have 25 different "I hate mean people, but I love my trees and my democratic representatives and my abortions and my multiple partners! I rock!" bumper stickers all over their 1991 Bright Blue GEO's. Those are not educated people, those are morons that went to the dollar store and scored some fancy schmancy new bumper stickers to cover up their "Jerry Garcia Rocks" stickers.

I am just plain out freakin sick of all of the damn environmentalists. Hey dillhole...Those picket signs you have...oh yeah, they were made from trees...that Gremlin your driving...hate to tell you this..but it pollutes...that weed your smoking...ok..yeah...i dont think that hurts the environment...but you get my point.

Nuff said! Screw the Prius driving hippies...I will take a Chevy 4X4 anyday!

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Anonymous said...

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