Wednesday, April 06, 2005

What's left? A Time-Out?

“Seattle police restrict Taser use” – headline, Seattle PI, April 4


Doxxiegirl said...

I personally think we should go to "counting the three"

Officer: Freeze Sucka!
Criminal: FO&D
Officer: Ok better stop right now....I am going to count to three and then your really gonna get it!

Sounds good to me...I mean, it worked when my mom did it, right? ( :

Whatever happened to the punishment fitting the crime? Personally...hey...rope is cheap..and we are the evergreen state so we know trees are in good supply...Clint Eastwood got it right when he said "Hang em High"...I am so sick of all the rights and freedoms that criminals have. I cruel and unusual punishment is a pretty broad spectrum...while i may not consider caning cruel, maybe a little unusual, my left wing pansy ass partners would tell us that it was. Im sure some of them could use a good caning every now and then.

Eye for an Eye....thats the only way to go. If we could just kill em faster we wouldnt need the money in our state budget to fund a new prison. Bullets are even cheaper than it costs to get the building permits for the prison! whatever happened to the good ol days. Next thing you know, our police officers will return to the old ways, where they walked around in little metal hats, whistling an irish ditty, twirling their thats bunk!

Forrest said...

Who is this Doxxiegirl, Stonewall? I love her! Brilliant stuff man, brilliant. The FO&D part is hilarious.

Doxxiegirl said...
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