Friday, February 24, 2006

Censorship anyone?

Just when you think House Democrats could not be more ludicrous in their majority rule, they have taken their arrogance of power to a new level.

Now House Republicans are banned from using certain phrases when talking about the Democrat supplemental budget, including “tax and spend” and “shell game.”

Heaven forbid anyone oppose them openly.

This reminds me of, say….totalitarianism. I seem to remember Stalin and Saddam doing the same thing. That's curious.

It's also good to note here that both the Chief Clerk, Rich Nafziger, and House Counsel, Tim Sekarek, are "non-partisan" staff. Humph, right.

My favorite quote in the article? Nafziger says, “You can’t use taxpayers’ dollars to sling mud.”

So, what is the essence politics again? I have forgotten.

Move over, George Carlin.

House Republicans say there are “seven dirty words” you can never say when talking about the Democrats’ budget this year in Olympia.

Among the forbidden phrases: “Shell game.” “Lack of honesty with taxpayers.” “Tax-and-spend liberal.” “It’s not truthful to say this money is being put into reserve.”

Carlin wasn’t joking about the words not allowed on TV. And it appears the GOP isn’t joking, either.

Republican news releases using the forbidden phrases were removed from Web sites and edited this week by order of the House Chief Clerk’s Office and its legal counsel.

The reason: The words impugned the motives of the other party’s members at taxpayer expense, House Chief Clerk Rich Nafziger said Thursday. “You can’t use taxpayers’ dollars to sling mud.”

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