Wednesday, February 01, 2006

A 'confident' 'warning'

Gee…how about an award for most overused buzz word of the day? Today’s SOTU Headlines:

· Washington Post:
Bush Warns Against Shrinking Global Role

· NY Times:
President Warns About Dangers for Nation in Isolationism

· Drudge:

· UK Telegraph:
Bush warns of America's oil addiction

· WBNS Ohio:
Bush warns against economic 'complacency'

Bush warns Hamas

· Radio New Zealand:
Bush warns against oil dependency in keynote speech

· Irish Independent:
We must end oil addiction, warns Bush in crucial s

· Sydney Morning Herald:
US hooked on oil, warns Bush

· The Scotsman UK:
Bush stands firm but warns of 'oil addiction'

· Boston Herald:
Bush — growing challenges: Prez warns of fuel imports, skills ...

Honorable Mention: ‘Confident’

· Vancouver Columbian:
Bush Confident Despite Mounting Challenges

· Seattle P-I:
President: 'Confident in our plan'

· The San Jose Mercury News:
Bush shows renewed confidence

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