Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Back to the blogosphere

Nearly 20 months ago (wow, that long?) I called the blog quits for a while. Many know that I was deployed by the US Navy to serve a 12 month combat tour in Afghanistan. That tour was extended to 15 months and only five months ago I returned. I have used the latter time to catch my breath, reflect on the experience and decide what's next for me in the blogosphere. The options are limitless. I am currently exploring the idea of retiring the Underdog Blog and starting anew. I still may do just that. The primary reason being that this blog has, in so many ways been a political blog. It is where I have digested my thoughts on public policy. In my career, I have since moved beyond professional politics. A short lived career, but one that I do not deem to be over.

Since returning from overseas, I have merged into the private sector and found a niche doing marketing and communications for a small company doing big things. I have returned to Bellingham, and I am exploring the many topics to write about in a blog beyond just the political.

So stay tuned here, lots of things will be happening at this site in the near future; and I look forward to once again bloviating for the masses.


sean aaron said...

ahhhh spike it's good to see u again. by the way enjoyed the marxist comment, kind of what I was going for!


JasonP said...

Good to have you back!

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