Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Best headline ever: Hillary Dangerfield Gets No Respect

Even better than a crafty headline is Bill Clinton’s increasing insanity. What happened to him? He went from moderately successful POTUS, to a philanthropic change-the-world gospel to angry husband of a presidential candidate.

Type in ‘Angry Bill Clinton’ on You Tube and you’ll see what I mean. That query is loaded with clip after clip wherein The Comeback Kid is talking stern to reporters, shaking his finger, and often going on 10 minute ‘shame on you tirade’.

As a conservative, I’ll be the first to confess that I am often enamored by Bill’s charm and charisma when in the spotlight. But perhaps he’s too close to a high stakes presidential election? Maybe he just longs so badly for the trappings of the White House again, he’s become so much more connected to Hillary’s bid that even she is.

Even more entertaining is his insistence that the MSM is conspiring against his wife. It’s entertaining because this is hardly the behavior Americans expect from an ex-prez. We see them as humanitarians, authors, ad hoc diplomats and even skydivers. To see a former president looking more like a reality show star is...foreign to us.

In any event, I do hope he keeps it up. I love the political game and have always longed for a convention fight just like the old days. However, the length of Hillary and Barack going at it wears on me. Bill’s insanity is the only thing that keeps this race interesting. Someone pass him more crazy pills, please.

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