Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Must Listen: The Classic Crime

A must listen to band is The Classic Crime. No kidding, these guys could single-handedly rejuvenate the rock scene.

I emceed a concert they headlined on Monday night alongside A Current Affair and Theories of Gabriella. Good bands are always good live. Especially those who bring energy and full sound to the stage. My true test is to see if you can always tolerate listening to a band’s music at say…work. The Classic Crime passes that test.

I’ll spare you the punchy serendipitous review. These guys speak from themselves. Oh, and they hail for Seattle, so I may be biased in my view. Matt McDonald, the band’s front man even grew up in Lynden, so its good to see some homegrown talent.

Check them out from the site of your choice by first digging

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Nancy said...

I love the Classic Crime! Thanks for the URL. Keep blogging!!

This is Nancy from Israeli Uncensored News