Thursday, July 07, 2005

Back from the dead

It wasn’t the end of the world. Not even close. I thought a two month hiatus would only give me time to rejuvenate myself with ideas for Spike, apparently my readers thought different. I have received demand after demand to return from alcoves of the easy life. So it is with this demand that I fulfill those who frequent this site.

There is much to be said of the last two months. Politically speaking, I have missed many opportunities for prime postings to the blogosphere. Our beloved Republican gubernatorial hopeful Dino Rossi called it quits; Senate D’s continue to filibuster and propagandize their wretched minority standing, even amidst an upcoming Supreme Court nomination; and more importantly,
Discovery Institute has snubbed Darwinian strongholds by hosting a showing of the Priveledged Planet film on their own turf at the Smithsonian – my dear friend Logan Gage even bought a new suit for this one.

For now, I leave it all to
Sharkansky and the rest. There is no shortage of blogging on these issues. So rather, I’ve left myself to enjoying some time off from the hustle and bustle of political occupation and instead turn to more personal matters. In just under six weeks I will say “I do” to the woman of my life. The process of prepare for this momentous task usurps all things political.

However, that does not spell the end for Spike the Underdog. I am back to blogging, though not quite as often as previously observed on this site. At least not yet. I am going to continue to enjoy my summer, and focus on my new marriage. Until then, enjoy snippets here and there. I’ll be back with full momentum in the fall. Cheers!

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(Doxxiegirl) said...

Excuses Excuses....too bad you cant find a job as an excuse would rock that job.

While I am glad you put something new on your I was sick of looking at the last could have at least wrote something that might have sparked some controversy, so that we could keep the comments going...Honestly guys...I thought you were all the brains of this operation?

On a side note...did you know that China Pattern you guys chose for your registry was the EXACT same one I had..and got...??? Weird..getting married two days after I did and the same china pattern...and hell...have of what you registered for, I registered for...too many weird similarities...spaz.