Monday, March 17, 2008

Character really is king

There is no doubt that Thomas Sowell is one of my favorite modern political philosophers. He has a way of bringing issues down to the core – explaining in plainsong prose how something really works.

This weekend, my mother of all people sent me his latest commentary. While nothing new in revelation, it was a great refresher on the impact of character and a reminder that in these modern times, the issue of character is at odds with talking heads who say it doesn’t matter.

I found this article much in line with one of my favorite books on character, The American Leadership Tradition by Marvin Olasky (Sean Taylor still holds this book hostage from me). Olasky examines a series of prolific and controversial leaders and analyses how their personal lives and character impacted, if at all, their ability to lead. It’s worth the read for anyone interested in being a person of influence.

Sowell adds his corollary to ALT drawing on Eliot Spitzer’s recent disgrace of public discourse and even pulls punches from the Barak Obama camp. In a time when people say character doesn’t matter, that the personal is absent from the professional or even political, Sowell’s article is a great reminder that is really does.

Read Non-Judgmental Nonsense by Thomas Sowell

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