Monday, March 17, 2008

More on Character

As a follow up to my previous post, Character Really Is King, I just read this news story on Controversial minister off Obama's campaign.

The relationship between Senator Obama and Rev. Jeremiah Wright was referenced by Sowell in his recent column. It appears that now that relationship, at least in the political sense, has dissolved – likely due to political pressure.

It should be noted here that Mr. Obama has been a member of Rev. Wright’s church in Chicago for twenty years. The role of Wright has traditionally been as a spiritual advisor but was parlayed into a political one with the advent of Obama’s bid for the White House.

It’s no secret that Wright has now, and in the past been known for his inflammatory remarks. However, while on the subject of character, Obama said that (in the twenty years he has been attending Wright’s church) he never heard those remarks before.

"Had I heard those statements in the church, I would have told Reverend Wright that I profoundly disagree with them," Obama said, adding, "What I have been hearing and had been hearing in church was talk about Jesus and talk about faith and values and serving the poor."

Yet, it is interesting to me that Obama waited 20 years, until the presidential primary heat is nearing a boil, to denounce Wright’s remarks.

Does that seem transparent to anyone beside myself? Thought so.

Partisan politics aside, that only further draws into question Sen. Obama’s integrity. Let’s hope the American electorate continues to question these small things when deciding whether or not Obama is fit to be in charge of the large things.

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