Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Sticking it to the Man

Video clip of dude trying to cancel his AOL service

The world needs more Vincent Ferraris. Talk about sticking it to the Man, this guy went through all the hoops with AOL just trying to cancel his account. Speaking from personal experience, this is what really peeves me about big companies.

Ever try to cancel your phone service with Verizon? Or try to actually get that rebate that was promised by Comcast? How about retrieving the additional charge placed in error on your credit card by Enterprise? The experience will damn anyone to socialist philosophy (until they remember socialist philosophy has worse customer service).

To Vincent Ferrari I say, "Bravo." You stuck it to the man!


Bear Slayer said...

AOL is a bunch of dicks! They have to resort to such tactics to keep customers from cancelling their antiquated, dumb-ass friendly service. Dicks, dicks, dicks!!!!!!!aaaaaaaaaaagh shdgklasjdgklasjdgfklasjdgfklasjd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Green Voice said...

Bear Slayer, can you please restrict your comments to the mutilation of animals? Thank you.

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